Septic Systems
Whether you need emergency services or want to make sure your system is working properly and have it maintained, Sierra Septic Service is the one to call. We have been servicing residential septic systems for nearly 30 years and it has been the primary focus of our business. Trust our expertise to get it done right. To get more information, see our illustrated demonstration on how your system works and why it is important to maintain it.

Engineered Systems
We have the experience to maintain and inspect any engineered system

Home Sale Inspections
Our complete home sale inspection satisfies all mortgage lender, city, and county requirements concerning the sale of the property. Need to bill the inspection through escrow? No problem.
See our forms page for the "Real Estate Work Order" form.

Drain Cleaning
We offer auger and hydro-flushing of sewer and drain lines. We also service leach lines to optimize the performance of your septic system.

We are equiped to repair drain lines & concrete tanks. We also install risers (for easier access to tank). Schedule a riser installation at time of your service and save on installation costs when compared to having it done separately. Call us for details.

Video Inspection
A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case it worth even more. The video inspection service saves time and inconveinance of digging up lines.